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Practical Industry Relevant Training

You need a program that is meticulously designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Nish Academy offers a 100% practical industry-oriented approach, ensuring that you not only understand accounting concepts but can also apply them confidently in real-world scenarios.

Soft Skills Integration

Communication, presentation, and interview skills are essential in today's professional landscape. Nish Academy doesn't just focus on the technical aspects of accounting; we also help you develop the soft skills necessary to stand out in interviews, communicate effectively, and present your ideas confidently.

Guidance from Industry Experts

The missing link in most education endeavors is personalized guidance. Nish Academy understands this crucial need and provides you with access to industry experts. Their mentorship ensures that your learning is not only relevant but also aligned with the current industry trends.

Tailored Curriculum for Entrepreneurial Needs

In the world of Startups & Entrepreneurship, personalized guidance often remains a missing link. At Nish Academy, we recognize this vital requirement and offer you a unique opportunity to connect with industry experts who have successfully navigated the intricate landscapes of accounting and taxation.

Hands On Learning and Case Studies

Nish Academy introduces an intricately designed course that flawlessly merges theory with hands-on practice. Our approach is wholly practical and industry-focused, ensuring that you not only comprehend accounting concepts but also cultivate the adeptness to put them into action through real-world case studies.

Flexible Learning for All

You're seeking a program that seamlessly fits into your schedule. Look no further – Nish Academy presents a meticulously crafted course that effortlessly bridges the gap between theory and practice. 100 % flixible for all Students, working professionals & Entrepreneurs.

For every student & every startup founder. Real results.

Empower Yourself with In-Depth Accounting Knowledge and Practical Skills for Success

Tally basics for Starters

Mastering Tally for Accounting Novices

Income tax Computation and return

Demystifying Income Tax for Filing Success

GST Reconciliation

alancing GST Records for Precision

Basic and Advance Excel

Excel Skills from Fundamentals to Advanced

TDS Computation and return

A Comprehensive Guide to TDS Procedures

Advance accounting for finalisation

Elevate Your Accounting for Year-End Closure

GST Computation and Returns

Navigating GST Calculations and Filing

Company Taxation

Expert Insights into Corporate Tax Management

Reading financial statements & MIS

Interpreting Reports for Informed Decision-Making

This Training Program is for?

The program is designed for students who wants to start a career in Accounting & Finance.

The program is really helpful for startup founders also to help them make better financial decisions for their Business.

What our students have to say

Real Stories of Success and Transformation

Reena Gupta

Nish Academy's Accounting Essentials Course exceeded my expectations. It addressed the practical needs of aspiring accountants like me. The course, with its comprehensive modules, expert instructors, and real-world case studies, ensured I gained the skills that top employers seek.

Aman Sharma

The modules covering GST, income tax, TDS, and more were incredibly insightful. I can now confidently manage my startup's accounts, thanks to Nish Academy's commitment & personalized mentorship.

Ritesh Gowda

I'm now an asset to my company's finance department. Nish Academy's personalized guidance and flexibility in learning made all the difference in my journey from being a fresher to a skilled accounting professional.

Shilpa rani

I was a student desperately seeking a program that would fit into my busy schedule. Nish Academy's Accounting Mastery Course did just that! The personalized guidance and industry-expert mentors gave me the practical knowledge and confidence I needed to excel.

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CA Nishant S Mehta

Chartered Accountant | Lawyer | International Partner for India – World Business Angels Investment Forum

Nishant S Mehta, is a highly successful serial entrepreneur,
Chartered Accountant and mentor. He is also a prolific speaker,
traveler and an active leader in nation building projects. Nishant S
Mehta has been recently appointed as International Partner for Indiaat WBAF ( World Business Angel Investment Forum)

CA Sweta Makwana

Helping business owners with financial analysis | Helped 50+ companies with streamlining accounts and audits | Virtual CFO – More than a traditional CA

Sweta is a virtual CFO and help new-age entrepreneurs and startups byproviding Virtual CFO & remote bookkeeping services.

Sweta is a Certified Chartered Accountant with half a decade of
experience working with early-stage entrepreneurs, startups, and

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About Nish Academy

Nish Academy isn’t just an educational institution; it’s a transformational journey towards accounting mastery. With over two decades of unwavering commitment to excellence, Nish Academy stands as a beacon of practical education in the realms of Accounts and Taxation. Our brand embodies a unique blend of vision, expertise, and dedication, creating a dynamic learning environment that empowers individuals to reach their full potential in the field of finance.

  • Practical Focus: We believe that true mastery is achieved through hands-on learning. Our curriculum centers around real-world scenarios and practical application, ensuring our students are equipped to navigate any accounting challenge.
  • Expert Mentorship: Industry expertise matters. That’s why we connect our students with seasoned professionals who provide invaluable guidance, sharing insights gained from years of experience in the field.
  • Holistic Growth: Beyond technical skills, we emphasize personal and professional growth. Soft skills development, personality enhancement, and interview preparation are integral parts of our curriculum.
  • Tailored Solutions: One size doesn’t fit all. We understand the distinct needs of 12th-pass students and new entrepreneurs. Our courses are meticulously designed to address these needs, offering specialized modules for each segment.
  • Current and Relevant: The financial landscape is ever-evolving. Nish Academy ensures that our students stay ahead by integrating the latest industry updates into our curriculum, keeping them well-informed and adaptable.
  • Job Assistance for Students: We help our students with their Job hunting along with teaching through our network, partners and references. We also help our students build a compelling resume & Job profile

Frequently Asked Questions:

Nish Academy is a skill-based practical training institute specializing in providing comprehensive education in the field of Accounts and Taxation. Our courses are designed to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world application, ensuring that our students are not just knowledgeable but also adept at handling practical accounting scenarios.

Our courses cater to two main segments: 12th-pass students aspiring to build a career in accounting and new entrepreneurs who need to manage their business finances effectively.

Our Founders is a practicing CA and have experience of almost 3 Decades.

Nish Academy stands out with its 100% practical industry-oriented approach, expert mentorship, emphasis on soft skills development, and specialized modules tailored for both students and entrepreneurs. We provide a holistic learning experience that goes beyond textbooks to empower individuals for success.

Our courses are meticulously designed, offering a combination of theoretical knowledge, practical case studies, soft skills development, and mentorship from industry experts. We ensure that our curriculum is current and relevant to the evolving financial landscape.

Absolutely. We offer flexible online learning that allows you to progress through the courses at your own convenience. This is particularly beneficial for those juggling education with other commitments.

All our classes are LIVE, so to get the interactive experience we recommend attending live, for you can ask for recorded lectures if you fail to attend the class for some reason.

The training duration varies for each course. For specific details, please refer to the course descriptions provided on our website.

Nish Academy equips you with practical skills and industry knowledge, making you highly employable in the accounting sector. For entrepreneurs, our courses provide the necessary financial management skills to set up and manage a business’s financial framework.

Yes, we pride ourselves on integrating the latest industry updates into our curriculum. We want our students to be well-prepared for the dynamic accounting landscape.

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